Surprise performance by the THS teachers at the Night Rally now on video.  2 minutes 40 seconds.  View it HERE.


Juniors defeat Seniors 14-7 in Powder Puff game.  Photos HERE.


Congratulations to Darcy Paris and Tristan Yearby who were named Homecoming Queen and King.  Thousands of photos here.


Night Rally Video Part 1 - Introductions - HERE

Part 2 of the video showing the performances will not be able to upload until late Saturday or Sunday due to weekly quota limits on uploads to my server.


A 1 minute 30 second time lapse video of the Night Rally is available for viewing HERE.


Night Rally October 17, 2018

Thousands of photos of the Night Rally will upload throughout the night and into Thursday.  .

Congratulations to Darcy Paris and Tristan Yearby named Queen & King.

Video of the night rally - TBA

Time Lapse of Night Rally (90 seconds) here.

2100 photos

Powder Puff Game - Thursday October 18, 2018

The Juniors upset the Seniors 14-7.

Hundreds of photos uploaded now.

Photos uploading

Homecoming Parade

Photos of Friday's parade are uploading overnight Thursday and should all be available by late Friday morning here


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